About the Magic Melody family

1. Camila Melodía

First Name: Camila
Last Name: Melodía
Age: 20
Hair color: Gray
Eye color: dark fushia
Height: 5'6"(167cm)with shoes / 5'3" (160cm) without shoes
Birthday: May 27 (day of her release xD)

She is a 20 year old UTAU character, for the song synthetizer UTAU, that is able to sing in Japanese, English and Spanish. She is cool, calm and collected and offers her advice whenever possible.
You can see a full picture of her here.
Note: Camila is a cyber fairy 8D

Camilo Adagio (g+15)
First Name: Camilo
Last Name: Adagio
He is Camila's cousin of the same age, same hair and eye color. His birthday is June 3 and he's 5'7"(170cm) tall. To get his voice the gender factor is g+15. You can see a picture of him here. He is half wizard half fairy xD.

2. Marc Adagio

First Name: Marc
Last Name: Adagio
He is Camilo's 15 year old cousin. His birthday is February 8 and he's 5'1"(~155cm). He is not related to Camila though she thinks of him as her cousin too. He has an obsession with cats, also he is a full wizard looking for a familiar xD. You can see his full picture here

3. Sofi

Name: Sofi She is a robotic pixie, friend to Camila, Camilo and Marc. She is usually inches tall but she can change into normal human stature at will. You can see her picture here

Original Songs

This playlist contains all of my original music.

This playlist contains the songs from the Pan con Chocolate saga that AlexTrip Sands and I have been working on.

My Vocaloid/UTAU Gallery on DA

You can use any of these images for videos (unless otherwise stated) but please read MY RULES first.

Camila sings thanks to others

Here is the link to a playlist of videos I found of people who have made Camila sing ^^

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pop wants to be a Princess!

Masao made Bubble Pop sing "I want to be Princess" lol it sounds so cute! Thanks :P

And he uploaded a video hehehe

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What I use to make songs...

Well I've been asked this a lot so I decided to just make a post about it.
When I make songs, I first make a MIDI using Anvil Studio which you can download here:

After that, I need the background music to be a wav so I can mix it with the voice so I use a program called Linux MultiMedia Studio (LMMS) which works on Windows as well so don't worry about that. You can download it here:

In order for lmms to recognize the sounds immediately after importing a MIDI, I use a soundfont called Chorium which you can download here:

Everything I use is completely free. You can purchase extra functionality for Anvil Studio but I'm fine just using the free version.

You can ask me for help using these programs but I ask that you first google, or use the help files before asking me. Sometimes it's easier to learn from the programs own instructions and sometimes I can't explain things very well ^^;

Well hope this helps! Enjoy!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Well I've been busy so I wasn't sure I was gonna be able to do anything on time but I managed to not sleep enough to throw a little something something toghether! Hope you like it! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

I'm Sorry Guys...

...but I've had it! I'm tired of this! What is "this", you ask? Well I'll tell you...

Despite what it might seem like, I'm actually a busy person I just barely sleep! I'm currently studying while working so "me" time comes at night when I'm not busy doing homework or studying. And guess what...in that time I receive messages from you guys asking...no DEMANDING help and I still try to help anyways. Well I've had it! If you can't ask nicely don't expect me to help. I realize most of you are rather young and I dunno probably don't know proper etiquette, well LEARN! Please I'm just tired of helping only to have people later complain or be ungrateful. I don't ask that you do stuff for me in exchange for my help, all I ask is that you be nice when asking for it and understanding if I can't offer you any help because I'm busy or simply don't know how to help.

I'm tired of going out of my way to help people who will misunderstand me and then insult me afterwards (directly or indirectly it doesn't matter, sometimes people say things that are hurtful even if they aren't direct insults). I'm tired of getting PM's DEMANDING I help them. People I don't bite...but I refuse to be a pushover. Also I'll only draw for my friends. I'm sorry guys, but unless you commission me on DA, I won't draw for people I don't know. I'm tired of helping design people's UTAUs only so that they later ask someone else to change the design completely. It might seem unimportant to you guys but to me it isn't mainly because I consider it a waste of time to help someone with something and then they throw it away... You don't HAVE to use my design but it'd be nice if at least you tell me before hand that you don't like it or want someone else to change it, that way I'll just not waste my time finishing something that won't be used. Believe it or not, this HAS happened to me. Also I won't draw for you so that eventually you start telling people how much you hate the design or whatever (this has also happened)...

Also, I've written tutorials. They are available here on the downloads section ---> *points right*
Make use of them and if you have questions feel free to ask on the cbox or on PM on Youtube but don't be angry with me if I can't reply quickly or simply can't reply. It's not my fault if messages don't arrive and remember I'm busy!
Also PLEASE DON'T ASK QUESTIONS ON YOUTUBE COMMENTS! If you're going to ask me a question, do it through DM, youtube doesn't always show new comments on the inbox. Also I don't like receiving questions that are already answered on the comment description. Please I beg you to READ BEFORE ASKING! Also you DON'T have to love or even like my videos but I really must ask you guys that if you don't like a video I posted and you're still gonna be a hypocrite and use MY ust don't let me know that you don't like it. You are entitled to not like it but seriously don't say you don't like it only so that I might find you used my ust later on...geez.

Well I guess that's all....sorry for the long rant but this HAD to be said.


Resumén en Español:

Ugh no quiero traducir todo esto pero básicamente les pido que si me van a pedir ayuda sean amables. No necesito recibir mensajes donde estén ordenándome que les ayude... También si no les puedo ayudar no se molesten conmigo, yo hago lo que puedo pero soy una persona ocupada aunque no lo parezca (lo q pasa es que casi no duermo...)
Otra cosa, NO ME PREGUNTEN EN LOS COMENTARIOS DE LOS VIDEOS. Si van a preguntar haganlo en el cbox aqui, o por DM en Youtube. Tampoco pregunten si la contestación ya esté en el comentario del video...Por favor LEAN ANTES DE ESCRIBIR!
Bueno básicamente eso es todo...


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Reverse Rainbow ~ust download~

Woo, been active all this week! This is a rare occurrence I think xD
So here's another update! I did a Reverse Rainbow ust because I was in the mood to make a ust and I asked on twitter and it was requested.

At the time I'm writing this entry Youtube STILL hasn't processed the video so the video description still doesn't show up orz....

Basically here's what it should say:

original by sunzriver: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm4218005

The song was requested by Misharoute who wanted to make Hachi and Camila sing it. She was kind enough to draw the art for the video and onlysoaa was kind enough to mix the song for me. Special thanks to masao for helping with the lyrics!

You can download the ust here: Reverse Rainbow ust by Yesi-chan.zip

Please enjoy the video!

On another note, I came across what I believe to be an amazing video of Camila!
I don't know how this person did it but they managed to make Camila sound almost Vocaloid quality! This is seriously the most perfect English I've heard in an UTAU!

Seriously, αH7, you did an awesome job on the song!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Cheaters Never Prosper

...in all senses xD

I hope you enjoy this new original which I've been working on for months! :D

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can't I Even Dream? UST Download

I decided to make my own cover of this song after listening to Aline's version. I really liked the song and I made my own ust because I couldn't quite get the vcv working right with the vsq I downloaded before.

You can find my ust here: Cant I Even Dream ust by yesi-chan.zip

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Camila Melodía ~Lucid~ Release!

Well so far the voicebank is in "Beta" meaning I could add stuff eventually but I make no promises xD

Download: Camila Melodia Lucid - Beta.zip

Concept Art: Camila Melodia ~Lucid~

Here is a sample of her singing:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

¿UTAU en Español?

He comenzado un poll para ver si es viable formar un grupo para hacer una traducción al español utilizando la version en inglés proveída por mianaito.

¡Por favor voten aquí!

Al parecer ya hay una traducción al español. Pueden encontrarlo aquí:

Parece que el patch es un .exe. Yo quería hacer una traducción basada en la que hizo mianaito que seria un zip y no se tiene que instalar como un .exe. No se si continuar con el proyecto o dejarlo aquí ya que tienen esa versión disponible.
Por favor comenten.

Bueno como he estado enferma y sin ganas de mucho me puse a traducir UTAU al español basado en la traducción al inglés de mianaito. Pueden bajarse mi versión aquí:

Digamos que está en fase beta y que se puede arreglar pero claro cuento con sus opiniones ;)

Para utilizar este patch solo extraigan el zip dentro de su carpeta de UTAU (reemplazando la carpeta res ya existente si esque ya tenían una). Corran UTAU y ¡listo!

¡Espero que les sirva!

P.S. Me disculpo por que no salen nínguno de los acentos. Yo se los puse en los documentos de traducción pero no se el código necesario para que aparezcan en el menu como tal, aunque yo creo que se deja entender xD.


Editing usts tutorial / Technical Problems Fix

Spanish translation in between [ ]

The purpose of this tutorial is to help you be able to edit usts to fit your UTAU, whether the ust was originally in vcv and you want to change it to cv, or not.

[El proposito de este tutorial es ayudarles a poder editar los usts para que suenen bien con su UTAU (u otros que no sean el que ya estaba asignado al ust en particular) si el ust estaba originalmente en vcv y quieren cambiarlo a cv o simplemente para que suene mejor.]

This is a very simple tutorial that should help you get the ust sounding better if it initially sounds a little rough but keep in mind that you can do other things to fix it, I just wont go into detail because this is basically to help beginners.

[Este tutorial es simple y deberia ayudar a que el ust suene mejor si inicialmente suena un poco raro pero recuerden que pueden hacer mas cosas y yo solo cubrire lo basico para ayudar a novatos.]

First things first. You won't get very far if you haven't downloaded the English. Mianaito has kindly provided us overseas users with an English translation for UTAU. You can download the latest version from the About Me section of his youtube channel and it also includes the instructions on how to make it work. If you have problems with it please feel free to ask me about it.

[Primero que todo bajen la traduccion de UTAU al ingles si no lo han hecho todavia. Mianaito la tradujo amablemente para nosotros y la pueden enconrar en la seccion "About Me" de su canal en youtube y tambien incluye las intrucciones de como usarla. Si tienen problemas me pueden preguntar.]

Here is the direct link to the current version:
[Aqui esta el link a la version actual de la traduccion:]

And his usage instructions:
"(For UTAU 0.2.71; translation rev. 2010-02-16)

1) expand the downloaded archive
2) put the "res" directory to UTAU program directory (C:\Program Files\UTAU\)
3) launch UTAU"

[Y las instrucciones traducidas al espanol:
(Para UTAU 0.2.71 (en adelante) traduccion revisada 2010-02-16)

1) extraiga el zip que bajo
2) ponga el archivo "res" en el directorio de UTAU (C:\Archivos de Programa\UTAU)
3) corra UTAU]

Now that you've got that out of the way here's the actual start of the tutorial!

[Ahora comienza el tutorial de verdad]

How to change a VCV ust into CV without having to use an external plugin.

[Como cambiar un ust VCV a CV sin tener que usar un plugin externo]

1) UTAU will probably open the ust as default in a transparent like mode so hit the F4 key on your keyboard to see the solid view.
[UTAU probablemente abra el ust en un modo transparente asi que presione la tecla F4 en su teclado para ver el ust de manera solida.]

2) Select all the notes (hit Ctrl+A). Selected notes show up in pink.
[Seleccione todas las notas (presione Ctrl + A). Las notas seleccionadas se deberian ver en rosado.]

3) Go to Tools > Built in Tools > Suffix Broker

4) Make sure to check the box that says "Remove Prefix" then hit "OK"
[Asegurese de marcar el encacillado que dice "Remove Prefix" y presione el boton de "OK"]

All the vowels on the notes should have disappeared. Keep in mind this only works for hiragana usts. It's counter productive if the ust is in romaji, however you shouldn't have problems with that since there are barely any vcv usts in romaji.

[Todas las vocales deben de haber desaparecido. Recuerden que esto solo funciona si el ust esta en hiragana. No ayuda si esta en romaji, aunque dudo que encuentren algun ust vcv en romaji.]


This part of the tutorial is NECESSARY if you are converting a ust from vcv to cv but it is also helpful if the ust is originally in cv and you just want to fix it so your UTAUloid doesn't sound choppy or weird.
[Esta parte del tutorial es NECESARIA si estan conviertiendo el ust de vcv a cv pero tambien ayuda si el ust esta origialmente en cv y quieren arreglarlo para que su UTAUloid no suene raro o cortado.]

1) Hit the F4 key on your keyboard to switch to transparent mode and make sure your notes are STILL selected. Then right click and select "Region Property".
[Presione la tecla F4 para cambiar a modo transparente y asegurese que las notas esten TODAS seleccionadas. Haga click derecho y seleccione "Region Property".]

2) Press the Clear button on the window that pops up. Also you might see that the box next to STP is grayed out. If it is just put your cursor there and hit the spacebar to make it white.
[Presione el boton que dice "Clear" en la pantalla que le aparece. Tal vez vea que el encacillado al lado de STP esta en gris. Si este es el caso ponga su cursor ahi y dele al "spacebar" para hacer que aparezca en blanco.]

3) Make sure your working on Mode2. You don't have to press all of the buttons I'll mention but if you press more than one make sure you press them in THIS order.
[Asegurese que este trabajando en Mode2. No tiene que presionar todos estos botones que les mencionare pero si presiona mas de uno hagalo en ESTE orden.]

-If you notice that the ust has a lot of envelope editing you might NOT want to press the RESET button as it will reset the envelopes of all the notes selected.
[Si el ust tiene los "envelopes" de las notas editadas demasiado, tal vez NO sea buena idea presionar este boton ya que le hara reset a todos los "envelopes" de las notas seleccionadas.]

-The P2P3 and P4P1 buttons are interchangeable and you don't even have to press both if you don't want. I know they basically move around the points in the envelope but I'm not 100% sure on how they work, however I think they are responsible for the STP value on the properties window.
[No importa el orden que presione estos botones, de hecho no tiene que presionar ambos si no quiere. No se como funcionan al 100% pero se que mueven los puntos del "envelope". Tambien creo que son responsables de asignar valores al STP.]

-I use ACPT to fix all the notes that have a "!", but it wont fix all (We'll get to that in a bit)
[Yo personalmente uso este boton para arreglar todas las notas que tienen un "!", el problema es que no le va a arreglar todo (Le mostrare como arreglar los que se escapan mas adelante)]

-OPT optimizes crossfade (or so I've been told, I'm not a genius in UTAU I actually learn from a LOT of people xD) I was also told you must have rendered the ust once before this actually does it's job.
[OPT se supone que optimize el "crossfade" (eso me han dicho pero yo no soy genio en UTAU y he aprendido mucho de MUCHAS personas xD) Tambien me dijeron que deben hacer render al ust antes de utilizar esta opcion para que haga su trabajo correctamente.]

So basically use these at your own discretion but if you aren't sure where they are here's a picture.
[Basicamente utilize estos botones como crea necesario. Si no sabe donde encontrarlos aqui tienen una imagen.]

4) Look for all the notes with "!" on them. [Busque todas las notas con "!"]

5) Make sure to select the note with the "!" and right click it then select Envelope.
[Asegurese de seleccionar la nota con el "!" y haga click derecho y seleccione "Envelope".]

6) Press the middle button on the window that pops up (the one I circled) then close the window to see if the "!" disappeared.
[Presione el boton del medio en la ventana que le aparece (el que he circulado) y luego cierre la ventana a ver si el "!" desaparecio.]

If you STILL see the "!" go back to the envelope window and move the points around so that none of the 4 points is on top of another (I only circled 3 but you can move all 4, sorry I missed that 4th point ^^;)
[Si AUN ve el "!" regrese a la ventana de "envelope" y mueva los puntos de tal manera que ninguno de los 4 puntos este encima de otro (solo circule 3 por que se me paso uno ^^;)]

And that's all folks!
If you don't mind changing the pitch edits you can always skip all of the steps after clearing the notes in the properties window and go to Tools > Built in Tools > A la Carte and mess around with the settings there. I'd show you my settings but lately I've been changing them so you should try to find what works best for you. You still have to check for the "!" on the notes though, as these would make the resampler skip the note and screw up the timing of the ust.

[!Y eso es todo!
Bueno si no le molesta cambiar los "edits" en el pitch puede brincarse todos los pasos luego de hacer clear a las notas en la ventana de propiedades e ir a Tools > Built in Tools > A la Carte y jugar con los "settings" que le aparece en esa ventana. Les mostraria los que utilizo pero ultimamente los cambio como me convienen asi que juegen con eso a ver si encuentran unos que les guste. Recuerden de buscar las notas con "!" ya que el resampler las brinca si los tienen y eso les arruina el tiempo del ust.]


One last thing. Some people have a problem where the UTAUloid singing sounds choppy ALL the time and it's not the ust or the user's fault. This is actually a problem with the resampler.exe probably being incompatible with your computer. If you downloaded the zip version of UTAU, I suggest you install it. If you don't want to install it or can't, you HAVE to install this instead:

[Una ultima cosita. Algunas personas tienen problemas de que los UTAUloids SIEMPRE suenan cortados y no es la culpa del ust o del usuario. En mi opinion eso es un problema de incompatibilidad del resampler.exe con su sistema operativo. Si ha bajado la version zip de UTAU, intente instalandola a ver si eso le resuelve el problema. Si no quiere instalarlo o no puede, entonces tiene que instalar lo siguiente:]

Visual Basic 6.0 SP6

If you have installed UTAU or installing Visual Basic 6.0 SP6 didn't fix your problem, then you could try one of several things:

1) Make sure your computer is in Japanese locale mode (or you are using AppLocale)
2) Download a different resampler.exe from the UTAU download page and see if it will play the usts correctly.
3) If none of that works try this. Go to Tools > Options and follow this image:

[Si aun no le funciona o ya tenia UTAU instalado, intente lo siguiente:
1) Asegurese que su computadora esta en local Japones (o que este usando AppLocale)
2) Bajese otro resampler.exe de la pagina de UTAU a ver si ese le sirve.
3) Si eso no funciono intente esto. Vaya a Tools > Options y haga lo que ve en la imagen:]

One last thing (again xD). If most of the UTAUloids you downloaded work except for one or two, check the UTAUloid's folder name. For some people, UTAU wont read folders that have spaces in them so you will have to rename the folders to eliminate the spaces. In my case, UTAU wont read any folder that has accents or special characters (like Tony Yonne). Again, if this happens, just rename the folder until it works.

[Una ultima cosa (otra vez xD). Si la mayoria de los UTAUloids que bajo funcionan excepto uno que otro, verifiquen el nombre de la carpeta. Para algunas personas UTAU no lee carpetas que tienen espacios por lo tanto tienen que cambiar el nombre de la carpeta y quitar los espacios. En mi caso, UTAU no lee carpetas con caracteres especiales (como Tony Yonne). Repito, si esto les pasa, solo cambien el nombre de la carpeta hasta que les funcione.]

Any questions you can leave as comments to this post or on my cbox.

[Dudas o preguntas dejenmelas en el cbox o comentarios a este post.]

By the way, sorry if this sounds rude but I WILL NOT MAKE YOUR UTAULOID SING unless I feel like it so please don't beg, you'll only make me want to NOT use it more =w= I'm a busy person and I help you guys because I want to :)

[Por cierto, perdonen si esto suena rudo pero NO HARE QUE SUS UTAULOIDS CANTEN a no ser que me de la gana asi que por favor no me ruegen, solo me haran NO querer hacerlos cantar =w= Soy una persona ocupada y los ayudo por que quiero :)]


Monday, November 22, 2010

He Aparcado Lejos ~ Cover with ÑAL

After almost a month I finally finished this PV so I'm sharing it here with whoever visits this blog :D Hope you like it and enjoy the UTAU cameos (as well as some other parodies xD)

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Camila Melodía ~Lucid~

I recorded an "append" though this is a new character in a way because it's Camila from another world. Hope you enjoy! More info on the video description:

Camila Melodia - Lucid by =yesi-chan on deviantART

Monday, November 1, 2010

Shimeji Camila!

Ok I was bored and I learned about these little desktop mascots called shimeji so I wanted to make one of Camila xD

So basically shimeji is a free program from http://group-finity.com/Shimeji/ and you can make your own by just replacing the images. So basically I did all the images for the Camila shimeji but I didn't do the code or modify it. Though If you download the program from the site you can get the source code in case you want to modify it!

Well for those who care I'm putting little Camila up for download here:

Camila Shimeji- Professional Edition Multiplies up to 10 times (to my understanding) and climbs on top of the screen so it can cover up the file menu of programs and become a bit annoying

Shimeji-Sofi.zip Professional Edition

I'm not making one with the Ultimate edition, that requires a few more images,and it multiplies up to 50 times so it's even more annoying xD.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Halloween!

¡Halloween Tricotrí!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Overseas Users, Use Romaji filenames please!!!

Well I could not have said it better myself so I link you to a journal Aline's creator wrote:
ROMAJI PL0X ;A; [kinda rant]

Still don't have enough proof? Camila is completely saved in romaji CV, and VCV voicebanks and I use hiragana usts all the time! (except for the High Voice Bank which has the arrows but most people who know how to use that probably can use hiragana in their computer xD) tho if anybody really cares about that particular voicebank and can't use it, I can change it so yeah just let me know.

You can learn to make the VCV oto.ini yourself, even if you use one as base you still have to edit it so why not start from scratch? In my oto.ini tutorial I cover a bit about configuring VCV and if there's any specific questions you have you can ask me. (I won't configure your bank though, sorry...^^; I don't really have time to configure everyone's voicebank much less vcv)

Well that's all I have to say about that. Just remember, if you wan't more people to use your vb be sure to think about them and if they can run it or not! They'll appreciate you for it. Plus it'll be a heck of a lot easier for you to find syllables you might need to re-record or fix since you can actually read them! :P


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Camila CV VC Test

Well I've had some friends talking about wanting to make voicebanks with CV VC so I thought why not configure my VCVs oto.ini to contain VC's as well since I already have the standard CV bank. This is the result:

CV VC is still a work in progress which ChezzieChan started. I think it's a good way to configure a voicebank especially if your UTAU has soft consonants like mine. It makes it smooth without the mumbling from VCV plus it's apparently a lot less recordings xD. Configuring the VC's and making the ust's is hard though since it could end up sounding robotic instead of more fluid so I'm still trying to perfect Camila's VC configuration but so far so good right?! xD

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Voice Bank Theft

People have been talking about it on twitter so it's hard to ignore. Apparently there have been cases of users who have stolen other voicebanks. Read more about it here.

Back when I was starting UTAU I did come across someone who was editing my voicebank but they never did upload it and they had told me about it so I was able to tell them to stop and it was resolved. But to steal a voicebank and just claim it as your own is completely inexcusable! That is someone else's voice! You can't just claim it's yours! It's very personal and I'm really appalled by all this. I've put a notice on the terms of use of my UTAU. You can use Camila's list as a model if you want to record your own but you are NOT allowed to edit the voice sample files. You can, however, mess around with the oto.ini if you feel that it needs to be configured better. But you CANNOT claim the voicebank as your own or modify the samples.

You've been warned.


Camila Melodía Extended VCV Update

Well I don't know why I did it but here it is. Camila now has a more complete VCV voicebank. It's still not standalone because I didn't re-record the separate syllables "- " as that would be completely pointless in my opinion. But for the most part, if you download her FULL voicebank, she should be able to sing Ritsu's usts with no problems (I hope, I mean I tested a few already and it seems fine xD)

Full voicebank:
Camila Melodia Act2.3.zip

Extended VCV:
Camila Melodia Extended vcv.zip

Here is a sample of the extended vcv. Thank's to Yoru-P for mixing the song

Friday, October 1, 2010

Marc Torres is now Marc Adagio

If you've been looking for videos of Marc on my youtube you might have noticed I changed his last name to Adagio. I opted for this change because the last name Adagio is actually a word and not a last name so it should avoid confusion with real people who have that name (I came across a musician called Marc Torres on Youtube and I wanted to avoid confusion with the mixture of videos)

I changed the name and everything and re-uploaded the voicebank. I did re-record a few files and since the last update I have fixed his oto.ini a bit, so if you're interested you can download him here:

Marc Adagio ver 1.2.zip

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Iroha Nekomura Trial

Got my hands on the trial so I made her sing an original song :) The song's music was inspired by Selena Gomez's Naturally.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

An UTAU Salsa

It was about time! xD

Monday, August 30, 2010

Making an UTAU Tutorial

Well I finally added my oto.ini tutorial to this blog. You can find that tutorial here as well as on the Downloads section on the right --->

It's not a tutorial to download but I do link to a bunch of downloads so I added it to that section of the blog.

If I ever make anymore tutorials I might just link them in that section as well.

Well that's all, good luck making your own UTAU, fixing your already existing voicebank, or even giving VCV a try.

Please feel free to leave any questions you have either on the cbox, DA note, or as a comment to this post or the tutorial post (I'll try to check the tutorial post in case I get questions but might forget and not notice ^^;)


How to make an oto.ini BASIC TUTORIAL

Before you begin reading it's very important that you know the rules about making an UTAUloid. I'll list them below, and I found them in this guide to make your own UTAUloid which you can download here.

"You may enjoy yourself, but do not break the law or violate somebody else's rights.

All "UTAU" users must follow these rules!!
•Don't create voice bank from a real singer's voice without permission.
•Don't create voice bank from a real actor/actress's voice without permission.
•Don't create voice bank from a real voice actor/actress's voice without permission.
•Don't create voice bank from the output of “Vocaloid” products, which explicitly forbid such a usage.
•Don't create voice bank from the output of other voice synthesizers without permission.
Breaking the rules will result in the accusation against you, and may even Mr. 飴屋/菖蒲 (Ameya/Ayame) as an accomplice.
Such a situation will terminate the free "UTAU" world and should be avoided definitely.

I'm assuming you all have the English patch for UTAU, if you don't go to the downloads section and download it. Also there's a new version for UTAU 2.61 here. English patch updates can be found on mianaitos's youtube channel.

Here are some reclists I used CV_liteVCV reclist.zip

Well in UTAU go to Tools > Voicebank Settings (or ctrl G) and you get this window. Configure everything by following the explanation below and using your own judgement and then click OK and the oto.ini file is AUTOMATICALLY created in your selected voicebank.

Alias is the alternative name you will give your samples. If you saved your wav files as romaji, type the hiragana as the alias. If you saved your wav files as hiragana, type the romaji as the alias.

Offset is the parameter of the blue highlight thing from the left. Basically you can cover any blank space on your wav file or any weird sound from your recording with this and it wont be heard when you make your UTAU sing.

Consonant is the parameter of the pink highlight thing. Anything you cover with this will not be altered when the note is stretched in UTAU.

Cuttoff is the parameter of the blue highlight from the right. Just cover any blank space after your recording with this or anything that is not consistent with the rest of your recording at the end.

Preutter is the parameter of the red line. Put this at the end of the consonant in your recording. When you select the red line in the editor you will notice it says "top of note" this is basically how soon the note will begin to sound when you make your UTAUloid sing. This parameter shortens the lenght of the preceding note.

Overlap is the parameter of the green line. This parameter defines the length of utterance extention of the *preceding* note in milliseconds. Sometimes this parameter isn't needed at all but when the consonant is too long I usually put this at the middle of the consonant in the recording. With this you are assigning how soon the note with this sample will overlap with the previous note.

On that window, select the sample you are going to configure then click on "Launch editor". You should see a window with your wav file. Then you can move around some parameters that will write in the numbers of the oto.ini. Basically it should look something like this.

In summary the blue covers all that you don't want to be heard, or you can use it to cut off empty space. The pink covers the area that you don't want to be manipulated when you stretch a note so cover the consonant and part of the vowel. The green line determines when the note will overlap with the previous note (it shortens the previous note too) and the red line says how much it will get ahead. Just place the green bar in the middle of the consonant and the red bar at the end of the consonant.

Also the highlighter like things are hidden drag the red and green lines first then you'll be able to drag the pink thing and after you drag the pink you can drag the blue. You can also drag the pink and blue before dragging the green and red lines by clicking on the leftmost corner where there is no green or red line visible. Also if you drag from the right, you immediately get the blue highlight thing.

Oh something else I was told (I believe it was Nami who figured this out) On the editor window (where you drag everything around) there is a button with a "P" on it. If you click on that it'll let you listen to the sound once configured.

Configuring the oto.ini for a VCV voicebank

It took me a while to finally understand how to configure the oto.ini of a VCV voicebank but thanks to mianaito's help I finally understand how.
Here is what he basically told me "Essence of VCV configuration is: 1)overlap=end of 1st Vowel 2)preutter=end of Consonant. Consonant lenght is not important."
So basically you can start the configuration by setting the consonat lenght and the Cuttoff with fixed values then fix the rest as needed so that it looks something like this:

When mianaito helped me configure Camila's VCV he started with the consonant as 420 and the cuttoff as -700. You can use SetParam (which comes with OREMO) to edit those in bulk.


This is a program that comes with the OREMO download (so the < a href="http://ux.getuploader.com/utau_a5/download/31/utau_a5_32.zip" target="_blank">translation works as well :D) It is used to edit the oto.ini file. You can write the numbers directly on the list that appears but you can also edit it visually like with utau. However to do that you need to know a few keyboard commands:

F1 & mouse: move the offset (Left Blank)
F2 & mouse: move the overlap (Ovl)
F3 & mouse: move the preutterance (Pre)
F4 & mouse: move the Consonant
F5 & mouse: move the cuttoff (Right Blank)
Spacebar: listen to sample
O: Pitch guide

Special Thanks to mianaito and yuuboku for looking over this tutorial and helping me complete it :) also thanks to YoruIkusane for providing the short VCV list.

A little something extra

Did you ever wonder how to change the Default UTAUloid that appears when you open UTAU? Go to Project > Project Property and the rest just follow this image :)

//=========TRADUCCIÓN AL ESPAÑOL======================
(perdonen la falta de acentos, el text editor que utilizé para escribir la traducción antes de copiarla aquí se comió todos los acentos y sólo arreglé los del principio ^^;)
Antes de comenzar es bien importante que conozcan las reglas a seguir para hacer un UTAUloid. Aqui estan traducidas, que las saque de esta guia How To Create your own UTAU voice bank.

"Pueden divertirse pero no violen la ley o los derechos de otras personas.

¡¡Todos los usuarios de "UTAU" deben seguir estas reglas!!
-No creen una libreria(voicebank) con la voz de un cantante real sin su permiso.
-No creen una libreria con la voz de un actor/actriz real sin su permiso.
-No creen una libreria con la voz de un actor/actriz de voz real sin su persmiso.
-No creen una libreria con la voz de un Vocaloid, los mismos productos lo prohiben.
-No creen una libreria con un sintetizador de voz sin permiso.
Si violan estas reglas pueden ser acusados y tambien el Sr. 飴屋/菖蒲 (Ameya/Ayame) como complice.
En dicho caso, "UTAU" dejara de ser distribuido gratis por lo tanto NO LO HAGAN!

Estoy presumiendo que tienen el patch de Ingles de UTAU sino bajenlo de aquí.
Aquí tienen las listas de grabación que utilizé yo CV_liteVCV reclist.zip

Para crear el oto.ini en UTAU vayan a Tools > Voicebank Settings (o opriman ctrl G) y les aparecera esta ventana. Configuren todo siguiendo la siguiente explicacion y usando su propio juicio luego opriman "OK" para guardar los "settings".

Alias es el nombre alterno que le das a tus sonidos. Si tienes los archivos wav en romaji, pon el hiragana como el alias y viceversa.

Offset es el parametro azul de la izquierda. Cubre los espacios en blanco en tu .wav o cualquier sonido raro en tu grabacion. Basicamente cubre todo lo que no quieres que se escuche cuando hagas a tu UTAU cantar.

Consonant es el parametro rosa. Todo lo que cubras no sera alterado cuando estires la nota en UTAU.

Cuttoff es el parametro azul de la derecha. Cubre es espacio en blanco al final de tu grabacion o lo que suene raro. Basicamente lo que no queires que se escuche.

Preutter es el parametro de la linea roja. Ponga esto al final de la consonante en su grabación. Cuando seleccione la linea roja en el editor verá que dice "top of note" que significa cuan pronto la nota comenzará a sonar cuando haga que su UTAUloid cante. Este parámetro acorta el largo de la nota anterior.

Overlap es el parametro de la linea verde. Define el largo del sonido de la nota anterior en milisegundos. A veces no necesitas utilizar este parametro pero si la consonante es muy larga yo normalmente lo pongo en el mismo medio de la consonante.

Para ver estos parametros, en esa misma ventana seleccionen el "sample" que quieren configurar y denle click a "Launch editor". Luego veran una pantalla con el archivo wav y pueden mover los parametros para asignarle los numeros del oto.ini. Se supone que se vea mas o menos asi:

Los parametros azules y rosa estan escondidos. Si no saben como moverlos primero muevan las lineas rojas y verdes y luego podran mover lo rosado y luego lo azul.

Otra cosita (que aprendí de Nami :D), en la ventana del editor, si presionan el botton que dice "P" podran escuchar su "sample" ya configurado.

Como configurar el oto.ini para una libreria VCV

Gracias a la ayuda de mianaito por fin entiendo los VCV xD.
Esto es basicamente lo que me dijo "La esencia de la configuracion VCV es: 1)overlap=final de la primera vocal 2)preutter=final de la consonante. El largo de la consonante (parametro rosa) no importa."
Basicamente empieza la configuracion dandole valores iniciales al parametro de consonante y al "cuttoff" y luego arreglan lo demas. Deberia verse algo asi:

Cuando mianaito me ayudo a configurar el VCV de Camila comenzo con 420 en la consonate y -700 en el "cuttoff". Pueden utilizar SetParam (viene con OREMO) para editar esos valores todos de cantaso.


Este programa viene con OREMO por lo tanto la traducción funciona tambien :D) Se utiliza para editar el oto.ini. Puedes editar el oto.ini escribiendo los numeros o visualmente como en UTAU. Para hacer eso necesitan saber unos comandos del teclado:

F1 & mouse: mueve el offset de la izquierda (Left Blank)
F2 & mouse: mueve el overlap (Ovl)
F3 & mouse: mueve el preutterance (Pre)
F4 & mouse: mueve la Consonante
F5 & mouse: mueve el cuttoff (Right Blank)
Spacebar: escuchar el "sample"
O: Pitch guide (Guia de Tono)

Muchas gracias a minaito y yuuboku por verificar este tutorial y ayudarme a completarlo :) tambien gracias a YoruIkusane por la lista corta de VCV.

Algo extra

Si quieren saber como cambiar el UTAUloid que aparece cuando abres UTAU vayan a Project > Project Property y luego sigan esta imagen :)

//===========ABOUT OTHER TRANSLATIONS===================

Unfortunately I'm limited to only knowing English and Spanish so I can't translate in any other language. But if anyone knows and can translate please do so and let me know so I can add it here. Also it might help if people commented which language they need to be able to understand the tutorial. I translated it to Spanish because I have a lot of friends who have UTAUloids and speak Spanish but their English isn't very good so if you know of any other languages please let it be known and help with the translation!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

UTAU Random Facts about Camila Melodía

I saw Yue's post and I wanted to try too!

-Camila is Puerto Rican ^^; yes yes this is VERY important.
-Camila is a Fairy.
-Camila likes to help people.
-Camila dreams of one day singing a song with her idol Marc Anthony.
-She likes sweets, especially chocolate, pumpkin pie, and Christmas Puerto Rican desserts like tembleque xD.
-She LOVES salsa, singing it, dancing it and listening to it.
-She is very emotional.
-She is the one who keeps the MELODY Family/Company together
-Her first name comes from the awesome Mexican singing group Camila as well as from the protagonist of the novela Pasión. While her last name is just the word "melody" in Spanish.
-SHE LOVES MATH! Heck she sung e xD
-Nobody seems to pay attention to her in class. (She teaches musical theory at Virtuoso Academy so no wonder xD)
-She is 20 years old but for a fairy that is still really young.
-She has no idea that Marc Torres is EVIL EVIL!
-She scolds Camilo for smoking A LOT!
-She goes to Nurse Yue for all her health troubles.
-She is scared when Yue reads her mind...
-She is proud of her heritage and loves singing Puerto Rican songs.
-She gets uncomfortable with certain things easily
-She is very fashionable and her clothes probably cost a fortune...but Camilo is rich so it doesn't matter xD
-Her best friends are Stella and Yuki
-She wants to adopt Hachi as a little sister
-She loves celebrating Christmas with Siena and Danilo Kotone
-Unlike her creator, she can cook stuff besides breakfast xD
-She loves her family and thinks of family first

That's all I can think up for now xD

Monday, August 16, 2010

Camila Melodía UPDATE ver.2.2

This is a small update but there are a few fixes as well as a few additions to the voicebank.
This update includes:

- improved oto.ini for CV
- fixed some parts of the oto.ini for VCV
- addition of "xa, xe, xi, xo, xu" sounds to the English voicebank

It might have some other fixes and additions that I don't remember at the moment but this voicebank has worked for me so far and if you find you are missing somethings I encourage you to download it.

---->DOWNLOAD ダウンロード<----
Camila Melodia Act2.2.zip

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Lily Trial run!

Well Yoru told me about Lily's 30 day free trial and at first I didn't want to download more stuff (oh my poor computer xD) but then I thought about it since everyone was saying how hard she was to use and I wanted to try. So here is the result!

Lirio Envenenado (Poisoned Lily)

This is a tango I composed a few months back in fact I had this done before school was over in May but I couldn't finish the lyrics but once I started thinking the lyrics up for Lily instead of Camila they just sorta flowed xD. Oh and thanks to D-Artemisatto for ideas for the lyrics. Her ideas helped me come up with the lyrics faster :)

This song is about a woman who was betrayed by her lover and in the end she poisons him but she thinks/wishes it was all a dream and blames someone else for what happened.


Lirio Envenenado (Poisoned Lily)

No, culpable no soy,
Mira bien los hechos.
lloro aquel calor
que extraño, lo quiero, lo odio, locura de amor.
Me mintió su voz.
Rabia, celos
El dolor a mi me cubrió.

No, como pudo pasar esto.
No lo creo.
Un sueño, atrapada en el sueño estoy yo,

No me engañaras mas nada...

Tu vida acabó manchada...

yo te juro que ya acabo mi amor...

Un abrazo de ayer
que me sostenía. Yo ame,
pero se acabó,
hoy me asfixia, lastima, me mata, desgarra mi ser.
Quiero escapar.
Me las pagarás.
No te escaparas.

No, como pudo pasar esto.
No lo creo.
Un sueño, atrapada en el sueño estoy yo,

Hoy yo confiezo el pecado que "ella"
Un sueño, ya quisiera en el sueño estar yo...
se acabó...

Lirio Envenenado (Poisoned Lily)

No, I'm not guilty.
Look at the facts.
Believe me,
I still cry for that warmth
that I miss, love, hate, madness of love.
His voice lied to me.
Anger, Jealousy
Pain engulfed me.

No, how could this happen?
I don't believe it.
A dream, I'm trapped in a dream,
my love.

You wont deceive me anymore...

Your life ended dirtied in shame...

I swear to you my love for you has ended...

An embrace from yesterday
that held me. I loved it,
but it's over,
today it asfixiates me, hurts me, kills me, destroys my being.
I want to escape.
You'll pay for this.
You won't escape.

No, how could this happen?
I don't believe it.
A dream, I'm trapped in a dream,
my love.

Today I confess "her" sin.
A dream, I wish I was in a dream right now...
It's over...

Friday, July 30, 2010

Two New Originals

Been working on these songs for about a month now. Please enjoy :D

This song is called ¿Dónde Está? and it's about Camila losing an invitation to a party and finding it after the party's over. Injune Midori and Shizuka Tei are singing back up to Camila in this song ^^. I wanted to make a PV but I don't think I'll be able to anytime soon so I'll try to make an image soon and upload it to youtube.

This song is called Summer. Makune Hachi sings about how short summer seems and you want to have so much fun but somethings get in the way so you'll have to make the best of the last few days of summer to have fun! Had the image done last month so I was able to upload this video.

On another note here's a little love for Sofi she's singing とおせんぼ (Toosenbo) by wowakaP, ust by skyisland1

UTAU Pixels

Pixel UTAUs by =yesi-chan on deviantART

If you're wondering who's on there here's the list:

Overseas: Mahou Yuki, Camila Melodía, Hoshine Stella, Utaune Nami, Makune Hachi, Kurane Zanda, Kikyuune Aiko, Tree, Enbukyoku Aline, Ayane Wakana, Ikusane Yoru, Ikusane Aele, Tomero Chii, Chikune Kenta, Tony Yonné

Japanese: Kasane Teto, ÑAL, Kanran (Cabbage), Kotodama, Rakune Kiyo, Rakune Miyo, Rakune Rui, Namine Ritsu, Suiga Sora, Defoko, Yokune Ruko, LOKE, Momone Momo, Sekka Yufu, Yurika Sayu

Overseas: Celestine Aoi, Sasayaki Nünnoru, Siena Kotone & Danilo Kotone, Nagareboshi Yue, Sakuwatari Chiyo, Ishimaru Michiyo, Donka Fjord, Peanut, Takoe Zuii, Mijukurini Su-Suko, Kaiki Misuinu, Yoruno Tsuya, Eien Seiiki, Vista

Japanese: Japanese: Nagone Mako, Haruka Nana, Keine Ron 京音ロン, Hibiki Raika, Seika Yuzu 星歌ユズ, Soune Ria, Soune Renzi, Inuhebi, Todoroki Eiichi, Soune Taya, Amane Luna, Rookルーク, Fuuga Koto, Yamatouchi Iori, Shirakane Hiyori

Overseas: Ariella, Sokkyoune Katarina, Injune Midori, Shizuka Tei, Ensei Sayuri, Ensei Ayame, Seiya Kiyoshi, RAI, Hahenko Urooboene, Taisei Nemurine, Kaisa, Ichine Luna, Nakune Yoyo, Kazune Yoshi, Rikai Rippa

Last Row: Sou77, Utatsukuri Tsubame, Matsudaa Poiyo, Pam, Supune Niku, Motone Yumi, Nene Nene, Kagami Usagi, Satemaro , Akabane Karasu, Jimine Otose (apparently Overseas @_@), Mitani Nana, Nanto Natsuki, JJ.Chigusa, Tsuine Owata

And here's the list with the Japanese spelling:
Overseas: 魔法雪, Camila Melodía, 星音ステラ, 歌う音 ナミ, MAKU音ハチ, 暗音ザンダ, 気球音アイコ, Tree, 円舞曲アリーネ, 綾音和奏, 戦音ヨル, 戦音エアリー, 地位トメロ, 地ク音ケンタ, 四音トニー

Japanese: 重音テト, ÑAL(ニャル), 甘藍, コトダマ, 楽音キヨ, 楽音ミヨ, 楽音ルイ, 波音リツ, 穂歌ソラ, デフォ子, 欲音ルコ , LOKE, 桃音モモ, 雪歌ユフ, 揺歌サユ

Overseas: Celestine Aoi, 囁きヌンノル, Siena Kotone, Danilo Kotone, 流星ユエ, 朔渡チヨ, 石丸ミチヨ, 鈍歌フィヨーッド, ピナットゥ, 多声ズイ, 未熟利似スースーコ, 怪奇ミスイヌ, 夜乃ツヤ, 声域エイエン, Vista

Japanese: 和音マコ, 春歌ナナ, 京音ロン, 雷歌ヒビキ, 星歌ユズ, 双音リア, 双音レンジ, いぬへび, 轟栄一, 蒼音タヤ, 天音ルナ, Rook (ルーク), 楓歌コト, 大和内庵, 白鐘ヒヨリ

Overseas: Ariella, 即興音カタリナ, 印綬音ミドリ, 静歌テイ, 園生小百合, 園生菖蒲, 喜義せいや, ライ, うろ覚え音はへん子, 眠り音タイセイ, カイサ, 市音ルナ, 鳴く音ヨヨ, 数音ヨシ, 立派リカイ

Last Row: 蒼77, 歌造ツバメ, 松田っぽいよ, Pam ぱむ, 須布音ニク, 元音ユミ, 根音ネネ,  かがみうさぎ, さてまろ, 赤羽カラス, 地味音オトセ, 実谷ナナ, 南斗 夏姫, JJ.千種, 終音オワタ

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Some songs not on youtube

Well I sometimes make my UTAU sing songs and upload them first to twaud.io. Sometimes I upload them to youtube other times I don't. Here's a song that probably wont make it to youtube:

Marc's Psychotic Love Song ust by UTAUReni.

and Camila singing Dokubou Stellar Theater using vcv

You are welcomed to hear other songs I have there as well (and I think you can download from there too but I have troubles with that so I don't bother xD) anyways here's my twaud.io account in case anyone's interested http://twaud.io/users/Yesi_chan This link is also on the GATAN PRODUCTION widget on the right.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Camila MMD Bug :D

oh just look how cute! xD The model was done by retarded0nightmare, thanks so much! wheee it's so adorable :D

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Camila is alive! xD

kinda feels like I abandoned her but I made her sing a little something finally xD
Well have fun xD

ust: owata ust.zip

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Camilo x Celes Love song

Awwwww yeah I finally finished a song I've been working on for like a month. (hmm I guess you hear it and it doesn't sound like I worked on it that long rofl) anyway I hope you enjoy it at least a little! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

【UTAUカバー】 「独房ステラシアタ」 【Camila Melodía】

This deserves a mention hehe.

Oh yeah! on another note, someone is working on adding bones and fixing up my Camila model :D Hopefully we'll have a custom made working Camila MMD model soon!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Possible Camila MMD Model?

Well I don't like edits because of troubles they might cause because of communication barriers so I always wanted a model of Camila from scratch. Now I've never taken a 3D modeling class in my life so the model I guess isn't very good but at least I tried xD. I have no idea how the bones should go though, let alone how to make the physics *sigh* so if anyone could or wants to help me please leave a comment, note me on DA or email me! I saved .mqo, .blend, .pmd, and .x files. Thanks in advance! xD

3D Camila Melodia by =yesi-chan on deviantART

Monday, June 7, 2010

Video Update

Well some videos I hadn't linked to as well as a new video I posted a few mins ago to nico. I had the song done before so I just did the drawing and put it up. I hope to make something new soon though =w=

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I MIGHT be taking a break from UTAU

No I'm not bored or discouraged by what anyone has said but for a few weeks now I've been having a problem on my right ear so sometimes I can't hear very well with it ;w; I know for sure I'm not going deaf (well I think ^^;) but it is an annoyance and though it doesn't hurt or anything it does bother me when I'm making songs, mixing songs or listening to songs. So I'm receiving treatment and I hope it gets better soon but it's been annoying me for so long and it seems to be getting somewhat worse rather than better so I think I MIGHT take a little break. I say might because if I get too bored I'll post songs anyway but if you don't see me post songs you at least know why.

On another note, I got quite a few RSI model requests. I did do some but I haven't quite been able to get started on others but I will make models to those I already promised. Since I got more requests than I was expecting on DA already I'm gonna halt them for a while until I finish the ones I currently have. Sorry for the trouble and I do hope you can make use of the models I make ^^

Happy UTAUing or whatever xD and have a fun summer!


Friday, May 28, 2010

Something that might be helpful

ok first of all I just want to say that I made custom rip sync models for Yoru, Aele and Yue. I might make more and if I do you'll find them all here. You can also find Camila's custom made model as well as the nantokaki ones for Camila and Camilo.

Also I wanted to share something I found out with UTAU. I'm not sure if this works for everyone but I found out that you don't need a vcv(triphones) to cv(regular voicebank) plugin to change the lyrics from vcv to cv in UTAU. All you have to do is select all then go to Tools > Built in Tools > Suffix Broker. Then on that window check the box that says Remove Prefix and click okay. That should get rid of the vowels and the "-"'s. But remember you still have to reset the pre-utter and overlap on the note properties but I trust you know how to do that. If you don't feel free to comment asking and I'll explain later but I have to go now so I can't keep writing xD

Well hope this was helpful! Bye!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Camila!

Well exactly one year ago today I released Camila Melodía to the public! I'm so glad that many people have liked her enough to make her sing and draw her ^^ Thank you all for your support and thanks all of those who remembered her birthday!

Sadly I have nothing prepared for her myself thanks to school (I finish all of my college classes today!) That and I got distracted with other things xD But it's okay, I'll continue to make Camila sing whenever I have free time and if I can make more original songs I'll try to! :D

Thank you all so much for everything!
Now here look at this wonderful picture lostempty drew for Camila's birthday!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Presenting Sofi!

I know what you're thinking...NOT ANOTHER UTAU!!! But I need to have my fun xD I'm graduating from college now so to celebrate here's Sofi! I also have to make the most of the free time I currently have because I might enter the work force soon and I don't know how that will cut down on my free time ^^; For now please enjoy Sofi or um...as someone put it Camila on Helium xD I dunno don't care Sofi was fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Camila and Yue bringing Latin flavor to UTAU :D

I'm having fun making original songs, it's not easy but when I make them from personal experiences (like stress from school) and messages I want to convey to friends (wish on a star) the lyrics just sort of flow! I hope you enjoy this song as much as I enjoyed making it!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wish on a Star - Hoshine Stella Original

I composed a song for Stella about wishes and stars xD hope you enjoy it! And here continues my "career" as YesiP :D

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Presenting Amanda (Mandy) Adagio

Because we love roleplay, in the future, Camilo and Celestine Aoi have a daughter which we decided to call Amanda Adagio. Isn't she cute? She is a separate voicebank that I recorded with my high pitched voice xD She also can't say the r's properly (she says them as w's like Elmer Fudd :'D) because she is only 5 years old *A*
For now, her voicebank is only available to close friends, meaning her mommy's voicer and her "aunts" and "uncles" because I don't want people abusing poor little Mandy ^^;

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

All That Jazz :D

It's almost as if Camila was made to sing Jazz! :D

Thursday, April 15, 2010

【UTAUカバー曲/連続音】天の笹舟【Camila Melodía】

Leaf Boat of Heaven by =yesi-chan on deviantART

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Song Suggestions/ Requests?

Well I'm kinda running out of ideas as to what to make Camila sing so if you have any suggestions or requests please let me know. I ask that you please tell me the name of the song in both Japanese and English, link to the original version on nico (or youtube if it has the original nico version in the description), link to a ust that shows who made it (I'm not in the mood to make the ust myself =_=) and finally a link to a karaoke. Ok maybe it's asking too much but I really don't know which songs to cover anymore and I already have to do the drawing and make her sing it so I'd appreciate it if you can help me in locating the ust and karaoke.

Oh I must state that I will only cover Vocaloid or UTAU original songs. No anime, or video game songs anymore ok? If you want Camila to sing those, do it yourself as long as it's not offensive or sexual, illegal and/or super out of character. English or Spanish songs are okay too as long as they are either Vocaloid/UTAU originals or translated or they are in the Public Domain (in which case some public domain MIDI or sheet music would be nice) Well I think Camila's voice is mostly fit for Luka songs so those are more than welcomed. And I guess that's all. Oh yeah you can also suggest songs for Camilo or Marc.

Thank's in advance

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Camila is still singing :O

Made Camila sing Chain Girl. Don't think I'll upload as a video but if you want to listen to the song you can listen to it here:

Chain Girl Interpreted by Camila Melodía

Changed my mind and I was bored ^^;

Feli convinced me to upload the video to YouTube so here it is:

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Oversea UTAU Chain Chorus

Collaborative effort by a lot of Oversea UTAU users and artists! Click on the deviantart picture to see who worked on it and which UTAU are on this :D

Oversea UTAU Chain by =yesi-chan on deviantART

Sunday, March 21, 2010

For those of you who can only use UTAU with Romaji

It seems I forgot to put an alias in romaji for Camila's VCV. The alias is "u da". The sound is there but the alias in romaji is not. It is, however, present in hiragana so all you have to do is find it, duplicate it and put the corresponding alias. But if you can't find it for whatever reason (mainly your computer doesn't recognize the hiragana characters) then I fixed the oto.ini and uploaded it here.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Remember to put this oto.ini in the vcv folder of Camila's act2 voicebank. Ciaos and happy song making!


I included the ust in the ust download section.

Thursday, March 11, 2010


It's hard to believe that by doing nothing Camila and I have caused so much trouble orz. I had said before I wanted an MMD model of Camila but I'd love to have an original one made by me (highly unlikely since I don't know 3D modeling) or someone that I meet that knows 3D modeling. But some people good at using pmd editor have made models of Camila editing already existing models. Sure they are great but I don't want any trouble with the original creators of the models orz orz orz. So I want to apologize to everybody for this and any misunderstandings that have arrived and I would like to please ask anybody who tries to make a pmd edit model of Camila NOT TO. That is unless you have permission and know you have permission. Wouldn't want you to waste your time for nothing. Well that is all I have to say MY DEEPEST APOLOGIES! GOMENASAI! ごめんなさい! (Can't speak Japanese but I at least know that word D: so sorry to any modelers out there.)


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Camilo sings with Act2!

Testing his voice with Act2. Camilo doesn't get enough love from me I guess xD

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Camila's English Reclist

I've been asked before for her English reclist so here it is. It's not the best nor the longest thing and it's used together with the Japanese part of the voicebank to complement it. If you have doubts of how to record these think of English consonants and Japanese or Spanish vowels (they sound the same a(ah) e(eh) i(ee) o(oh) u(ooh)) If you still have doubts you can always contact me on twitter, youtube, deviantart, leave a comment here or even on the cbox. Also feel free to add your own sounds or remove whatever you think isn't necessary. Some samples have a 1 next to them, well that's because there is already a Japanese sample with that name and in English it will sound different. Also, whatever ends in "i" or "u" shouldn't be recorded too long or else it wont make a difference in UTAU.

Since the list is so long you can take a look at it here Camila's English reclist

I tried to upload it as a text file but I'm having problems sorry ^^;

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Camila Melodía Act 2 Release

So I re-recorded Camila ALL OF IT O_O so here is a sample of her new VCV ^^

Here is testing her English in Act2

You can download on the right -->
But just in case, here is a direct link Camila Melodia Act2.1.zip

This model is up for download Camila_ripsync.zip

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Magical ☆ Nuko Yoru

I had fun xD

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Presenting Marc Torres Adagio, new UTAU :D

download on the right xD

Oh yeah! I edited the download section to make it less cluttered :D if there is something that used to be there but you can't find make sure to click on all the links I posted and you might find it. If you still can't find it drop me a line on the cbox :)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

【UTAUオリジナル】Escape from Freedom【鈴音アリカ、他】

Song by hashibami. Isn't it awesome? Arika, Camila, Celestine and Ebi all singing together an original song! *o*

Sunday, January 24, 2010

LOL -lots of laugh-

Ust in the download section. Password has to do with the name of the song and who sings it.

Terms of Use

This is a free distribution and not for commercial use. Please refrain from using them in anything offensive, vulgar or distasteful. You are free to use or draw them as you please, with the above rule in effect and as long as it is legal in the United States and the published area.

You are NOT, under ANY circumstances, allowed to take these voicebank and modify/alter the samples or claim them as your own. If you want to make a fanmade based on my UTAU be sure TO ASK ME FIRST. Editing the oto.ini is allowed as long as it is to improve the voicebank quality.

You are also NOT allowed to roleplay as any of my characters without my permission. You are not allowed to take, recolor or alter any of my designs to create your own characters without my permission. If you want to create a fan site please ALWAYS link back here and give me credit for the creation of the characters.

Also if possible,but not required, let me know if you have drawn or made them sing. You can reach me with the contact information below.

Downloads ダウンロード


Camila Melodia ダウンロード:

Camila Melodia Act2.3 (FULL)(CV, VCV, Spanish & English)

Plug-in & Appends

Camila_Melodia_Lucid_Act2.1.zip (CV, VCV, Spanish, & some English)

Camila High Voice (Basic CV Only)

Marc Adagio:
Marc Adagio Act2.zip (Basic CV Only)
Password protected. If you want to know the password direct message me on Youtube

Sofi.zip (Basic CV Only)

Bubble Pop:
bubble pop.zip

If you have problems with any of these please let me know.

UST Downloads
RSI Models and Extras
UTAU helpfull tips
Camila & Sofi shimeji

How to Make an oto.ini
Editing usts Tutorial and Technical Problems Fix

Camila's English reclist
Spanish reclist.txt
What I use to make songs

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